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Desktop Curtain
Hide your clutter
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Keyboard mouse
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Lightweight download manager
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Send your windows flying
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Name Mangler
Batch file renamer
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Time Sink
What have you been up to?
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Personal movie assistant
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Window switching simplified
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  • Resolutionator — Fast and easy resolution switches

    Switch via pop-up or menu bar (not shown)

    In the days of yore, switching resolutions was no more difficult than choosing an entry from a drop-down menu on your Mac's menu bar. As years passed, though, this easy resolution switching went the way of the dinosaurs, being replaced by a multi-click routine through System Preferences.

    Resolutionator to the rescue—once again, all your resolutions are but a menu bar click away. Or if you prefer, you can use a keyboard shortcut. Oh…you'll also gain access to resolutions that OS X won't even let you use!

    More about Resolutionator…

  • Leech — A simple yet powerful download manager

    Leech: A simple-to-use yet powerful download manager

    Leech, your personal download assistant, has learned many tricks with its 3.0 release.

    Among the new features are acceleration, scheduling, bandwidth limits, and menu bar and Dock-and-menu-bar run modes.

    Best of all, all of these features are available for only $6—either directly from us, or for the first time, in the Mac App Store, too.

    Get your free trial today, and release your downloads from your browser.

    More about Leech…

  • Moom — Move and zoom your windows

    Moom via mouse (top) or keyboard (bottom)

    Moom makes it really easy to move and zoom your windows—just hover over the green resize button, and the Moom interface appears.

    From there, a single click zooms a window to full screen, or pins it to an edge, sized at half the available space. Hover again, and click the arrow icon to return the window to its original size and location.

    Keyboard mode lets you do all that via the keyboard, as well as centering any window and more.

    More about Moom…

  • Name Mangler — Batch file renaming simplified

    Name Mangler makes even complex renaming tasks simple

    Renaming multitudes of files can be a slow, tedious process in Mac OS X. Automator can help, but its interface can be daunting.

    Enter Name Mangler, which manages to be both powerful and easy-to-use.

    An always-there preview shows you the effect of your proposed renaming scheme before you implement it, and advanced mode gives you access to a powerful scripting language for more complex renaming tasks.

    More about Name Mangler…

  • Time Sink — It knows where the time goes

    Time Sink shows you exactly where you're spending your time

    Are you curious about where your time goes each day? Do you need to track your work for clients? Are you curious about which web sites you spend the most time reading?

    If you're at all curious about how you spend your time on your Mac, then Time Sink is the tool for you.

    Set-and-forget operation, customizable reports, blacklists to exclude certain apps and windows, and much more. Give it a try!

    More about Time Sink…

  • Usher — Your personal movie assistant

    Usher is your personal movie assistant

    Usher's mission is helping you manage (and watch!) your videos and movies. We consider it the ultimate expression of the personal movie assistant.

    Usher will manage your stored movies, including those in iTunes and iPhoto, and help you watch and save web-based videos.

    You can store data about each movie, and automatically retrieve this information (for Cast, Director, etc.) from Amazon for many movies.

    More about Usher…

  • Witch — Window switching with style

    Fast access to any window, with previews

    Switching between multiple windows in multiple applications in Mac OS X isn't as easy as it should be.

    Instead of using Command-Tab and then window switching, try Witch to switch directly to your desired window. Activate Witch, select your desired window from the pop-up menu, and press Return.

    Witch 3.5 switches across Spaces (in Mac OS X 10.6), and provides optional window previews prior to switching.

    More about Witch…

  • Butler — Your do-it-all Mac OS X assistant

    Butler's setup screen, showing an active Fast User Switching pop-up menu

    Meet the program that started it all—the original "Swiss Army Knife" utility for Mac OS X.

    Fast launch programs and open documents; control iTunes from any application; create hot folders that pop up at the touch of a keyboard shortcut; search web sites without opening your browser; store multiple items on the clipboard; record simple keyboard macros, and oh so much more.

    Why buy 10 different programs when just one can do it all?

    More about Butler...

  • Desktop Curtain — Hide your clutter

    Desktop Curtain hides your clutter, quickly and easily

    If you need a clean desktop (e.g., for screenshots) or you're just tired of looking at a messy desktop, Desktop Curtain is the solution.

    New in Desktop Curtain 3:

    Isolate frontmost application, isolate frontmost window, tons of other stuff, and a curtain that is even more curtainy!

    More about Desktop Curtain…

  • Baubleries — What the heck is a baublery?

    A baublery is a small program that does something useful. Because our baubleries are small one-trick ponies, we distribute them for free. Note that many were written for specific versions of Mac OS X, and may not work (or be needed) on newer releases. Each baublery page clearly calls out any such issues.

    Our current collection of baubleries let you round your screen corners, display key codes, tint the menu bar, manage the Open With menu, block unwanted Safari window changes, and manage the pre-10.6 Services menu.

    Because these programs are provided free of charge, our ability to support them is limited. You can report bugs using our bug tracker, but there's no assurance we'll be able to address them.

    Baublery #1: Displaperture…