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Butler 4.3.1 requires macOS 10.8 or newer. Visit the museum if you are running an older macOS version.

Butler includes a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply email us for a refund.

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Butler 4.3 released

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Current Track Desktop


Displays the song iTunes is currently playing just above your desktop (i.e., behind the files on your desktop). Current Track Desktop does that with a really large font, letting you know which song you are listening to — even if you are looking from across the room.


≥ Mac OS X 10.3

≥ Butler 4.0b19


Current Track Desktop 1.1.1 (universal binary; source included)

IP Numbers


Displays your current IPv4 (Example: and IPv6 (Example: fe80::1) numbers — either in an alert window or in Butler's menus. When browsing an IP numbers menu, selecting a menu item will put the respective IP number on your clipboard.

You can also go to the "IP Numbers" section of Butler's preferences window and configure the IP Numbers plug-in to show an alert window whenever your IP numbers change.


≥ Mac OS X 10.2.8

≥ Butler 4.0b22


IP Numbers 2.1.2 (universal binary; source included)


Let My Docklet Breathe


Makes well-behaved cocoa applications pay attention to the position of Butler's Docklet. As a result, these applications' windows should not slip under the Docklet anymore.

Technical explanation: Let My Docklet Breathe is an input manager that alters cocoa's [NSScreen visibleFrame] instance method in such a way that the resulting NSRect never contains the Docklet.


≥ Mac OS X 10.3

≥ Butler 4.0b18


Let My Docklet Breathe 1.0.1 (universal binary)