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These days, saving manually is a roarity


Public Beta version: The Public Beta version requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later, and will run until Lion is released (actually, September).

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April Fools!

No, there's not going to be a final Lioness version once Lion comes out.

We'll leave this page up for a while longer, though — after all, we did take the time to actually create the application, so here's you extended chance to look at it.

Command-S is slated to become useless with the release of Mac OS X Lion and its Auto Save feature. After years of repetitive Command-S usage, though, you may find it hard to just stop. Enter Lioness…

Lioness settings

Lioness will turn your now-useless Command-S muscle memory into an entertaining—and optionally useful—keypress.

Entertaining and Informative

If you can't force yourself to stop pressing Command-S, you can at least be entertained when you do so. When the free version of Lioness "sees" a Command-S, she springs into action, playing a sound effect of your choosing:

  • A roaring lioness
  • A happy baby giggling
  • Someone saying "D'oh!"
  • The calming sounds of a gentle forest breeze
  • One of the above sounds, randomly chosen each time

Even though you won't need your Command-S shortcut in Lion, Lioness will prevent your needless keystroke from going completely to waste.

Lioness is also informative—if you've got Growl installed, she'll even tell you how many times your muscle memory has kicked in:

Lioness lets you know how often you're pressing Command-S

Of course, like any of our other programs, Lioness is loaded with features, including automatic update (so you'll always be current) and the ability to run as a regular application or as an icon in your menu bar.

Optionally Useful

As of now, Lioness is simply a demo that doesn't supplant manually saving your work. Once Lion ships, however, Lioness will be upgradeable (via in-app purchase, pricing not yet set) to a version that provides a truly valuable service when you press Command-S.

Instead of simply hearing a sound effect (which you can still leave enabled), pressing Command-S will cause the paid-for version of Lioness to implement Paranoia mode. In Paranoia mode, Lioness will:

  • Force Lion to update the autosave file for the frontmost document.
  • Copy the autosave file to your Dropbox folder.
  • Display a Growl message, letting you know the file has been backed up to Dropbox.
  • Display a Growl message showing how much potential data loss you've avoided by pressing Command-S.
  • Return control to the frontmost application, so you can get back to work.

Of course, this all happens at lightning speeds, thanks to Lioness' reliance on key Mac OS X technologies, such as CoreAudio, CoreGraphics, Grand Central Dispatch, and OpenCL.

Paranoid mode will also support similar live backups using Backblaze, Carbonite, CrashPlan, IBackup, JungleDisk, MobileMe, Mozy, MyOtherDrive, or SugarSync.

Get the public beta, and start saving your Command-S muscle memory—before it's too late!

“Lioness is the app that will sink its teeth into my data and not let go”
—Jeff Carlson, TidBITS