The menu, anywhere

Release Notes

What's new in Menuwhere?

Menuwhere 2.2.1 - Jun 14 2022

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The preferences window will not show on launch unless you have the preference set to show the window on launch.

Menuwhere 2.2 - Jan 26 2022

New Features

  • Menuwhere now activates when you hold down the Command key and right-click your mouse, so you can easily activate it even when your hand is still on the mouse. See the General tab of preferences for other modifier key options. (Hat tip to "Spirit" on Discord for the suggestion.)

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Worked around an app activation issue.
  • Improved cosmetics of the Apple menu icon in some situations.

Menuwhere 2.1.1 - Nov 5 2021

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Apple doesn't let Menuwhere show the Fn/Globe modifier for menu items like "Enter Full Screen" on macOS 12 Monterey, so here's a silly workaround: Whenever you see a keyboard shortcut with a circled letter in Menuwhere, that's supposed to mean Fn/Globe-letter. For example, Fn/Globe-F will be displayed as Ⓕ.
  • Improved performance of the all-menus meta menu.

Menuwhere 2.1 - Apr 24 2021

New Features

  • The new "preload menus" preference (in Advanced) helps with an issue where Menuwhere's menu appearing on screen can interfere with the availability of menu items that are updated dynamically based on text selection or keyboard focus. See Menuwhere Help for more info.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved responsiveness for keyboard navigation.

Menuwhere 2.0 - Apr 22 2021

New Features

  • You can now specify an additional hot key to browse all apps' menus.
  • You can now change the text size of the menus, from really tiny to really big.
  • On macOS 11 Big Sur, you can now override the system appearance and have a dark Menuwhere menu on a light macOS, for example.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Accessory app support actually works now.
  • Worked around a macOS bug (or so we think) that broke keyboard navigation in the pop-up menu after Menuwhere gained and gave up keyboard focus at least twice.
  • Menuwhere can't dismiss the menu in response to repeating a hot key, unfortunately, but at least it ignores any superfluous hot key repetitions now.

Menuwhere 1.0 - Apr 21 2021


  • Initial release.

Menuwhere 2.2.1 requires macOS 10.10 Yosemite or newer. You can try it for free. The release notes are an interesting read. If some menu items that should be available are disabled or missing in Menuwhere, have a look at the Advanced section of Menuwhere Help, as available from within the app.