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Why is Time Sink stuck in Suspended mode?
Last Updated 5 years ago

If you leave your Mac idle for a while and return to find the Time Sink Organizer window grayed out with the word "Suspended" overlayed, and you can't reactivate Time Sink, the problem is most likely your screensaver…more specifically, the BOINC screensaver, which uses idle time on your CPU to perform calculations.

At present, there's a conflict between BOINC and Time Sink that will cause Time Sink to get stuck in Suspend mode after it goes idle. The only way to restart Time Sink's time tracking is to quit and relaunch it; the only way to avoid the problem is to not use BOINC as your screensaver if Time Sink is running.

We may or may not be able to resolve this issue, so for now, avoiding BOINC while using Time Sink is the only solution.

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