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Why doesn't Moom work right in Firefox and Slack?
Last Updated 6 years ago

If you're a Firefox or Slack user, you may find Moom behaving oddly in these applications: When you invoke Moom, it may not perform the action you specify.

For example, if you choose a "half left" window from Moom's pop-up palette, the window may move to the left but not resize. Or it may resize but not move. Or it may resize and move, but not to the chosen size or location.

If this is happening in all your apps, the problem is most likely a long-standing text-to-speech bug. This FAQ article explains that bug, as well as how to work around it.

However, if you're only seeing the problem in Firefox or Slack, then the likely candidate is the time tracking app Timing.

Timing uses the Accessibility APIs, as does Moom. In Firefox and Slack, Timing uses some features of those APIs to make those apps work well with Timing. But those features seems to cause inteference with Moom, and it's not something we can do anything about in our code.

However, there is a solution: In Timing's preferences, uncheck the box next to "Advanced Accessibility Tracking." This setting only affects Firefox and Slack, and once it's disabled, Moom will work as expected in those apps.

If you're seeing this problem, and it's not the text-to-speech bug, and it's not Timing, please open a trouble ticket and we'll figure out what's going on.

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