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How can I get Moom's pop-up to appear in 10.14 and later?
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Some users of Moom are reporting that Moom's green button pop-up palette doesn't work in Mojave and newer releases (Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey), yet the rest of the app does (keyboard shortcuts, saving layouts, etc.). We haven't seen this in our testing, and we believe it to be a glitch in the macOS Accessibility system, which is how Moom works. Based on feedback from affected users, one of the following fixes should get the pop-up palette working again.

Note: This issue may affect other apps—whether ours or from another developer—that use the Accessibility API to interact with other apps. You can consider the following as general troubleshooting tips—just substitute the name of the app you're having troubles with for "Moom" in the following instructions.

The Easiest Fix

Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy, then click on the Privacy tab. Scroll down in the left-side pane and click on the Accessibility entry. Find Moom's entry in the list, then click the checkmark (to turn it off), wait a couple seconds, then click it again (to turn it back on).

The list of Accessibility-approved apps.
If that solves the problem, great, you're done. If not, try the next easiest method…

The Nearly As Easy Fix

Open Moom's preferences, and change the "Run as" setting at the bottom of the General tab: If it's currently set to "menu bar"(the way most Moom users use it), change it to "standard." Then quit Moom, relaunch it, and see if the pop-up works. Regardless of the outcome of the test, switch the application mode back to what it was before and try again. Hopefully it works, otherwise there are two more things to try…

The Easy But Time Consuming Fix

Reboot your Mac. That's it; hopefully after a reboot, Moom will work fine.

The Somewhat Harder Fix

If none of the easier fixes worked, here's the next thing to try:

  1. Quit Moom if it's running.

  2. Open System Preferences, and navigate to Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility.

  3. Click the lock icon at the bottom left of the window and enter your admin password when prompted.

  4. Find Moom in the list of apps, click on it once, then press the minus sign icon to remove it from the list.

  5. Switch to Finder, open the Applications folder, find Moom, click once on it, then press Command-Delete to delete it. Enter your admin password when prompted. Don't worry, you won't lose any of your custom Moom actions; they're in a separate file.

  6. Reboot your Mac.

  7. Reinstall Moom by either downloading it from the Moom web page (if you bought from us) or by reinstalling through the Mac App Store app (if you bought through Apple).

  8. After Moom is installed, launch it. You should be greeted by this dialog, asking you to grant permission for Moom to control your computer…

    The 'control this computer' dialog

    Make sure you click Open System Preferences, not Deny.

  9. When System Preferences opens—it will open to the Privacy > Accessibility area—click the lock icon once more and enter your admin password.

  10. Scroll down until you find Moom in the list, and then click the checkbox next to its name to enable it:

    The list of Accessibility-approved apps.

    If you don't click the box—it's not clicked by default—Moom will not have the Accessibility permissions it needs for its pop-up menu to work.

  11. Reboot one last time.

The Nuclear Option

If you've reached this point without success, then something in the Accessibility database is truly messed up, and the best thing to do is wipe it out and start over. Note that this will remove all entries from the Accessibility section, so you'll have to set up any apps you use again, not just Moom.

To start, make sure Moom isn't running, then open Terminal (in Applications > Utilities), paste the following command, and press Return:

tccutil reset Accessibility

You won't see any output, but the above command resets the Accessibility system. Launch Moom, and you should be prompted to add it to the Accessibility section; follow the instructions to do so, and hopefully all will be well again.

After going through all of the above, hopefully Moom is working properly for you. If it's not, please open a trouble ticket and we'll try to figure it out.

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