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How do I activate Menuwhere via a mouse button or gesture?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Menuwhere is an intentionally simple app—we said "no" to a lot of features during development in order to keep the interface clean and the price low. Two features we said "no" to were activation via gestures or activation via mouse button. The good news is that we knew that there are many third-party apps that make it relatively easy to assign hot keys to mouse buttons (and some apps allow gestures as well).

Although we have not tested all these apps, they should allow you to map a keyboard combo to a mouse button (or a gesture, in some cases):

In addition, if you have a third-party mouse, its own software may let you set up a mouse button to send a keyboard combo—Logitech's does, as one example.

The setup process will vary for each of these apps, but the first step will always be to set up the shortcut you want to use in Menuwhere. Then quit Menuwhere, launch the app you're using, and navigate to the section that allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to mouse buttons. Choose your button, set the shortcut to the one you assigned in Menuwhere, and you should be good to go.

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