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Why can't I see the globe icon for the Full Screen shortcut in macOS Monterey?
Last Updated 6 months ago

In macOS Monterey, Apple changed the Full Screen shortcut key to Function-F, which they abbreviate one of two ways in the menus. If your keyboard has a globe on its Function key, you'll see 🌐 F as the shortcut. If you don't have a "globed" Function key, you'll instead see fn F.

But in Menuwhere, you won't see the globe or the fn text; instead, you'll see a circled F, like this:

Why can't we show you the actual shortcut keys, as shown by Apple? Because Apple has chosen to reserve them for their use in the menu structure, so we can't replicate them in Menuwhere. If/when Apple ever changes this rule, we'll update Menuwhere to use the correct symbols; until then, Ⓕ is as close as we can get.

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