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How can I uninstall Leech's Safari contextual menu?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Leech includes a menu item (Leech → Install Safari Context Menu Extension) that adds a "Download with Leech" entry to Safari's contextual menu. But if you've installed it, you won't see an uninstall option in Leech. So how do you get rid of it, once you've installed it?

To remove the extension, you have to go to Safari itself; we're not allowed to remove extensions using our own app. So launch Safari, open its Preferences, and go to the Extensions section. Find (then click once on) "Leech Context Menu" in the list of extensions, then click Uninstall.

That's it, the extension has been removed. If you ever want it back, just use the Install Safari Context Menu Extension in Leech again.

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