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Why does Moom repeatedly ask for Accessibility access?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Some users are experiencing an issue where macOS Sierra asks—on every reboot—for them to add Moom to the Accessibility section of the System Preferences Security & Privacy panel. Even after adding, macOS will ask again on the next boot.

Unfortunately, this isn't a Moom issue, as we don't write any of the code for this feature, it's all from macOS. (Moom uses the Accessibility system, and when a user calls it the first time, macOS then takes over the process of gaining approval for the app to use the system.)

Here's one way to try to solve the problem:

  1. Open Moom's settings, and on the General tab, uncheck "Launch automatically at login."
  2. Quit Moom.
  3. Open System Preferences, and go to Security & Privacy, then click the Privacy tab.
  4. Click Accessibility, then click the lock icon at the bottom of the screen to enable changes.
  5. Find Moom in the list, click it once to select it, then click the minus sign to remove Moom from the list.
  6. Quit System Preferences.
  7. Reboot your Mac.
  8. Launch Moom manually (because you removed its "launch at login" setting).
  9. Follow the instructions when macOS asks about granting Moom permission to run.
  10. Re-enable Moom's "Launch automatically at login" setting.
  11. Use Moom for a bit, then reboot your Mac to test the fix.

Hopefully this fixes the problem. If it doesn't, other users have reported success by completing deleting the Moom application (all copies that may be installed), then rebooting, then reinstalling Moom. Note that you will not lose your Moom custom settings if you do this—they reside in Moom's preference file, which you will not delete. Just delete the application itself.

I wish we could write some code that fixed this problem, but we can't, because we're not involved in the approval process at all.

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