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Can I sync Moom's settings across Macs?
Last Updated 2 years ago

At present, it's not possible to sync Moom's settings between Macs, at least not in any automatic sense. Why not? Because there are numerous issues to resolve: Macs may have differing numbers of displays, different resolutions, etc. Saved layouts for one won't make sense for another. How do you handle three-way sync? How do you offer command-level sync without making the UI a disaster? In short, we have a lot to figure out to make a good sync solution.

Important note: Please do not attempt to keep multiple Macs in sync by creating symbolic links to its settings file across Macs (via Dropbox or similar). Moom is not expecting its settings file to be open in multiple places at the same time, and this will not work well at all!

Although you cannot sync, you can do a one-time duplication of settings between Macs. To copy Moom's settings from, for instance, MainMac to LaptopMac, first quit Moom on both Macs, then follow these steps:

  1. Use File Sharing to connect to LaptopMac from MainMac.
  2. In Finder, navigate to your user's Library → Preferences folder on MainMac.
  3. In Finder, open a new window and navigate to your user's Library → Preferences folder on LaptopMac.
  4. Copy com.manytricks.Moom.plist from the window in (2) to the window in (3).

Note that if you're using Lion or later, you'll need to do a bit more work to navigate to your user's Library folder, as Apple has hidden it from view. Macworld provides this handy list of 18 different ways to do just that.

And if you're on Mavericks or later, you need to do even more work to make sure the copied preferences file takes effect. The best recommendation from that article is to do this:

Make sure Moom isn't running on the new Mac (LaptopMac in this example), then open Terminal. Paste the following line, then press Enter:

killall cfprefsd

Now relaunch Moom and the new prefs should be recognized. If they're not, you may also have to reboot your Mac, and/or read the above-linked article for some alternative methods.

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