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Why won't a given window resize to exactly 50%?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Depending on your screen resolution and which app you're using, Moom may not be able to resize a given window to exactly 50% of your screen's width or height. If this happens, it's because the app itself specifies a minimum width and/or height for its window–and that size is greater than 50% of your screen space. Moom cannot resize windows smaller than the app's defined minimums.

For example, if your screen width is 1280 pixels, and a given app specifies a minimum window width of 800 pixels, then clicking one of Moom's half-width buttons will not get you a 640 pixel wide window. You'll get an 800 pixel wide window, because that's the narrowest allowed by the app in question. We can't "fix" this problem, because it isn't a problem; it's a restriction imposed by the app in question.

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