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How-To: Teleport your mouse across displays
Last Updated 6 years ago
If you’ve got a multi-display Mac, then you know what a drag it can be to drag things. When you have a window at the lower right corner of your right display, and you need it at the upper left corner of your left display, that’s a lot of pixels to traverse. One excellent solution to this problem is Moom, our window management tool. Amongst its other capabilities, Moom lets you easily jump a window across displays via keyboard or mouse.

But what if it’s not a window, but text, that you need to drag—say from a word processing window to an email window? Moom won’t be much help there. Or you need to drag a file, to drop it on another application or into a Finder folder? Enter Keymou.

Read about how to use Keymou to Add a teleporter to your multi-display Mac.

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