Name Mangler

Rename your files

One simple mission

All Name Mangler wants to do is help you tame your filenames. Whether you're a photographer with thousands of "IMG_" files, or someone who needs to Windows-proof filenames, or someone who works with tons of clients and wants to use filenames to help sort client files properly, Name Mangler will help you safely—and very speedily—rename your files.

Pop-up solutions

Name Mangler makes most renaming tasks as easy as choosing your desired action from a pop-up menu, then configuring a few options for the chosen action. For example, the Change Case action offers the ability to change filenames to lowercase, to uppercase, or to title case.

Configure the chosen action, check the preview of the files' new names, click the Rename button, and that's all there is to it.

Speed thrills

Name Mangler is really fast. Watch the progress bar at right to see just how fast—that's 5,000 files being renamed in just over three seconds. As fast as that is, some operations may go even faster.

Other renamers may give you time to get a cup of coffee while processing your files, but Name Mangler gives you something much better: your files, renamed. Which would you rather have?

Renaming speed will vary based on drive speed, Mac used, etc.

Streamline operations with multi-step

Need to massage your files in more than one way? No need to run Name Mangler multiple times on the same files. Just add another step—or ten—to your action, and Name Mangler will do everything for you, all in one pass.

Steps can be rearranged, added, or deleted at any time, and Name Mangler will instantly reflect the changes you make.

Meta everywhere

Need access to your files' metadata? No problem; Name Mangler contains over 150 metadata fields available for use in your renaming actions. Certain numeric and date metadata values can even be formatted to your specifications.

All of this is available through the normal renaming interface, via an intuitive and blindingly-fast metadata browser. Just start typing, and the browser will quickly isolate matching fields.

Repeating history isn't always bad

Name Mangler's elephant-like memory means you can easily access any previously-used renaming action, and reuse it with a couple of mouse clicks.

By default, Name Mangler remembers your last 50 renaming actions, but you can increase or decrease this value (or set it to unlimited or off) in the preferences.

Save time with Presets

Presets let you store your often-used renaming actions in a menu for fast future access. You can load and run as saved, or modify after loading to do something slightly different.

You can even share your presets between Macs via a syncing service, such as Dropbox or Box.

Name Mangler also includes a number of commonly-used renaming actions saved as Presets for quick access.

Unlock the power of Advanced mode

Programmers and technical types can use Advanced mode to create mini programs that run within Name Mangler, solving even the most complex of renaming tasks. These programs can be saved for easy reuse, too.

The editor includes auto-completion, auto-indentation, tabbing to the next empty parameter, indenting and outdenting of full sections of code, and find and replace.

But wait, there's more!

  • Change your mind after renaming your files? No problem; Name Mangler lets you revert the last-performed renaming action.
  • Interim results show you your filenames at each step of a multi-step renaming action, making it easy to check your action before running it.
  • You can view only files that will be modified, which is incredibly useful if you're renaming only a handful out of hundreds of files in a folder.
  • Create Droplets, which are standalone "apps" that run a pre-configured renaming action. Drag and drop your files to the droplet, and you're done.
  • Tooltips show full filenames for ultra-long filenames that don't otherwise fit in the display.
  • Potential duplicates are detected and flagged prior to renaming.
  • Import and export renaming configurations to share with other Macs, or other Name Mangler users via email or web download.
“I've been doing this the hard way. This is a breeze!”
—Vinny D., Name Mangler user

Name Mangler 3.9.1 requires macOS 10.13 High Sierra or newer. You can try it for free. The release notes are an interesting read. Name Mangler 3 is VoiceOver compatible, for those who need help seeing what's on the screen. If you bought a Name Mangler 2 license from this site, you can upgrade to Name Mangler 3 for a mere $9. And for the nostalgically inclined, you can still download older versions of Name Mangler.