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How do I transfer my license to another computer?
Last Updated 7 years ago

If you'd like to use our apps on more than one of your computers, or if you've purchased a new computer and want to move your licensed app to that machine, here's what to do.

Mac App Store Customers:

If you purchased from the Mac App Store, you must login (in the Mac App Store app on the new computer) to the same account that you used to purchase the app(s). Once you've logged in, go to the Purchases tab, find the Many Tricks' product(s) you bought, and click Install.

If the app shows with a price, it's probably because it's hidden in your App Store purchases. To fix this problem, launch the Mac App Store app, click on Account, then look for a section called Hidden Items. Within that section click Manage. Find your Many Tricks' purchase in the list and click Unhide.

imageDirect Customers:

Because Apple hides the user's Library folder by default, this process is a bit more complicated than it need be.

Note: You can permanently unhide the Library folder if you wish. In Finder, select your home folder, press ⌘J to show the view options window, and then check the Show Library Folder box, as seen in the image at right.

Follow these steps to copy or move your license(s) to a new computer (skip step one if you made your Library folder visible):

  1. In Finder, press and hold the Option key, then select Go > Library from the menu.
  2. Once the Library folder opens, navigate into Application Support > Many Tricks > Licenses.
  3. Assuming you're connected to the new computer using Finder, just drag the license file(s) to any spot—the Desktop works well—on the new computer. If you're not networked to the new computer, copy the files to a USB drive and then transfer them to the Desktop on the new computer.
  4. On the new computer, make sure you've installed the Many Tricks' application(s) for which you own the license(s).
  5. Assuming the app(s) are installed, just double-click the license file(s) you copied from the old Mac.

After double-clicking, your app(s) will be licensed. You can then delete the licenses on the Desktop; we copy them to the proper location when you double-click.

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