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How do I get Witch 4 if I bought Witch 3 on the Mac App Store?
Last Updated 7 years ago

First, thank you for purchasing Witch 3 from the Mac App Store—we think you'll like its enhanced window and app switching capabilities. You may be aware—or you may not be aware—that we have released Witch 4, though it is not available on the Mac App Store.

The great news is that you can upgrade from Witch 3 to Witch 4, if you're interested in doing so. This upgrade could be free (if you purchased Witch 3 after October 1, 2016), or cost just $8 (versus the $14 full price). There are a ton of new features in Witch 4, foremost among them the ability to switch to tabs in Safari, Finder, and many other apps.

To upgrade to Witch 4, just follow the "Permanent Crossgrade" instructions in our Crossgrade an App Store license to a direct license instructions. After doing so, you'll either have a fully-licensed Witch 4, or the license panel will let you know you're eligible to purchase the upgrade.

If you have any difficulties with the upgrade process, just let us know and we'll help get it resolved.

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