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Can I interact with windows in the Witch switcher panel?
Last Updated 5 years ago

With the Witch panel onscreen, you can use many of the keyboard's keys to do useful things—like closing or minimizing a window, jumping from one application to the next, or opening Witch's settings panel. Here's a complete list of Witch's keyboard shortcuts.

Key(s) Functionality
0 to 9 Directly open window #0 to window #9. You can enable badges on the windows to help remember which is which using an option on the Appearance tab of Witch's settings panel.
K · J or
· (vertical) or
· (horizontal)
Move to previous or next entry in the Witch switching panel.
T · B or
Home · End
Jump to the top or bottom (vertical) or left or right (horizontal) of the switcher panel.
A · Shift-A or
Page Up · Page Down
Skip to next application in switcher window display—press A repeatedly to cycle to the next app in the list, skipping any open windows. (In this mode, Witch acts somewhat like the OS X Command-Tab application switcher.)
F Show selection in Finder. (If an app with no open windows is selected, that app will be shown in Finder.)
G Grab a full-screen screenshot that includes the Witch panel. Saved to your Desktop, in a file named Witch Screenshot 123456789, where the long number is a unique timestamp.
H Hide (unhide) the selected application (thereby hiding all of its windows).
M Minimize (unminimize) the selected window.
Q Quit the app associated with the selected window.
R Send a Reopen event—brings all windows forward (or opens a new window if none exist).
S Activates the Search field to find windows by typing.
W Close the selected window.
Z Zoom (unzoom) the selected window.
P or Space Bar Show preview window on demand—so you can leave the preview feature off and still see them when you want them.
, (comma) Open Witch's System Preferences panel.
X or . (period) Close the switcher panel, regardless of what it's displaying.
Esc Switch to Search box; press twice to exit Witch switcher. One extra press will be required if viewing a window preview.

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