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Conversations with the App Store

The following conversations are taken from the reviews posted in various countries within the App Store. Because there's no mechanism with which to respond within the App Store, we're using this space to do our best to turn these one-way reviews into actual conversations. (Support information can be found in the sidebar at right.)

Nice words and comments and questions are coded for quick browsing; our replies are below each quote.

Open Comments and Questions

Feb 3 2011

Wiener Beckmesser [Germany] writes: A nice alternative, but far too expensive and overloaded with badly described configuration options. Some features work only limited.

We've covered the price before, so we'll skip that one. The interface issues will be addressed in Witch 4 (also covered below). We don't know, however, what the bit about limited features means: as far as we know, every feature in Witch actually works. If Wiener would like to clarify, we'd love to fix what's not working for him. (Note: the above review was translated (by Google) from the original posting in German.)

Jan 30 2011

chibiduoa writes: Good application, very useful as a replacement / supplement combination cmd + tab, even if the setup menus are relatively poorly organized and above all - above all - you can not change the typeface used to display a list of windows ... Too bad . Hoping for an upcoming update to review the notes on the rise:)

Witch 4 is getting a user interface overhaul, one that will see a new look to the setup menus, and (hopefully) user control over fonts and additional elements of the Witch switcher panel. (Note: the above review was translated (by Google) from the original posting in French.)

Jan 29 2011

Micth690-86 writes: I like this app. Even though I'm trying to leave the-windows-world I did like their solution to window swapping (tab-alt). I like Witch's solution to this on the Mac, but I would like the program to preview windows of programs that are hidden or minimized. As it is now it only previews windows of non-minimized/-hidden programs.

Unfortunately, we probably won't be able to preview minimized or hidden windows. That's because the OS stops telling us about those windows when they're in that state. We'll keep looking for a solution for a future version of Witch, though.

Micth690-86… I also think the price is a little to hefty.

We think the price is fair, given the capabilities of the program and the amount of effort required to maintain the code and support the users.

Jan 28 2011

simtre [UK] writes: Nice app, works well and makes life easier for those of us who switch between Windows & Mac (oddly enough, there are elements of Windows that are actually better than Mac OSX!!!) Don’t know if this is even technically possible but it would be even better if it could recognise the tabs in the popular browsers and allow you to switch between them.

We’d love to support all tabs in browsers (and in BBEdit, Coda, CS5, etc.). The big issue here is what information those programs can provide about their tabs. We’re investigating for Witch 4, and hopefully we’ll be able to display at least some programs’ tabs.

simtre… Also a touch expensive for what it does – even at their ‘on sale’ price. I’d have thought a price of $5/3 would be closer to the mark

Unfortunately, at prices that low, we’d be unable to suport the app long term—no money to fund future development, or to hire support personnel to handle an increasingly-large user base. Sure, in a perfect world, everything is free…but that model simply doesn’t work for small shareware developers who rely on income from their apps to sustain their business, and to support their customers going forward.

Jan 27 2011

CoopAndy [USA] writes: Very good tool for switching between open applications, more functionality than command/tab. Especially like being able to activate a window for an application that is active but has no open windows. One really big request: allow switching to any open tabs in the browser, currently only active tab is available.

See above; we’d love to support tabs if we can.

Resolved Questions

Jan 27 2011

airic [USA] writes: I’ve wanted this one for awhile now, love the preview mode. However, I would like to see previews in mail comp windows.

We found a workaround for this issue, and implemented it in Witch 3.6.1. Mail's untitled draft windows (and other untitled windows) should now be visible more regularly in the switcher panel.

Witch 4.5.1 requires macOS 10.10 Yosemite or newer. You can try it for free. The release notes are an interesting read. If you feel like talking to fellow users, there's a dedicated discussion group. Owners of a Witch 3 license can upgrade to Witch 4 at a discount. And for the nostalgically inclined, you can still download older versions of Witch.