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How can I save my license files forever?
Last Updated 7 years ago

When you purchase our software directly from us (as opposed to in the App Store), you receive an email with a license file download link. Once downloaded, double-clicking the attached license file licenses the associated program. Once licensed, selecting the License menu in our programs will display a nicely-personalized license file.

Note: As explained in the license file email you receive, the download link will expire in a few days, so please download your license right away.

Both Peter and I prefer to these license files over serial numbers for many reasons (they seem more personal, they don’t require copy-and-paste and app switching, etc.), but there is one downside: many users aren’t sure where to keep a copy of the file, to ease migrating to a new machine, or just for safekeeping. It turns out it’s actually very easy to back up these files…

Read this blog post for full details on the many ways to back up your Many Tricks license files.

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