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How can I make Escape cancel out, as it did in Witch 3?
Last Updated 3 years ago

In prior versions of Witch, pressing Escape would dismiss the switcher window. In Witch 4, though, if you have Search enabled (as it is by default), then pressing Escape switches to search mode (a second press of Escape then dismisses the switcher panel). But as you can also jump to search by pressing S with the switcher visible, maybe you'd prefer to have the "cancel with one press" behavior for the Escape key.

You can do that, though you'll need to modify a hidden preference to do so. (You can also just disable search on the Advanced tab, by unchecking the "Enable search for [ ] lists" option. But then you can't use search.) We've made hidden prefs a lot easier in Witch 4; there's a built-in tool to set them, in fact. Give that article a quick read before proceeding.

Now that you know how to set a hidden pref in Witch 4, here are the the values you need to set to make Escape cancel on one press:

  • Scope: General
  • Setting: Show Search Field: Escape Key Triggers Search
  • Value: NO

Remember, there's no need to relaunch Witch or anything; the pref change takes effect immediately. Pressing Escape should now dismiss the Witch panel, and you'll have to press S to start a search. To undo this change, just repeat the hidden pref setting, but change NO to YES.

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