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Why doesn't fast-switching respect my defined sort order?
Last Updated 7 years ago

In older versions of Witch, if you fast-switched (pressed and released Witch's activation keys before the Witch panel would appear), Witch would switch to the prior entry in your window list, based on your specified sort order.

In Witch 4, this behavior has changed: When you fast-switch, Witch will flip between the two most-recently-used entries—whether those be windows or tabs—regardless of your sort order. We made this change based on user feedback during the beta test period, and due to our own experience testing Witch 4's ability to switch into tabs.

If you'd prefer the old behavior back, you can get it by setting one of Witch's invisible preference settings. To do that, first read the FAQ about setting hidden preferences, which explains how to use Witch's built-in preference setting tool to make the change (and how to revert the change).

Now that you know how to set a hidden pref in Witch 4, here are the values you need to set to return to the prior fast-switch behavior:

  • Scope: General
  • Setting: Activate On No Modifiers: Panel Delay: Switch To Last Active
  • Value: NO

Remember, there's no need to relaunch Witch or anything; the pref change takes effect immediately.

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