Saying Goodbye to ‘Buy with Google’

If you didn’t see the news, Google recently announced that they would be shutting down Google Checkout come November, 2013. Here at Many Tricks, we presently offer Google Checkout as one of our three payment options (direct credit card and PayPal are the other two).

When we relaunched Many Tricks in 2010, having Google Checkout was important, as it was the only alternative to PayPal available to our customers. As such, Checkout accounted for over 20% of our sales in that first year.

But over time, this 20% figure began to drop—even before we added support for direct credit card transactions as a third buying option, it seemed people were moving away from Checkout. Then, when we did add direct credit card purchases, Checkout fell even further. How far? So far in 2013, Checkout accounts for less than 5% of Many Tricks’ buyers.

Given that Google is walking away from Checkout this fall, and looking at Checkout’s greatly-diminished importance to our customers, we’ve made the decision to turn off Checkout at the end of June. So on June 30th, no earlier than 6PM Pacific time, Google Checkout will no longer be available as an option on our site.

If, in the future, we find a decent alternative to Google Checkout that works with our transaction processing house, we’ll see about adding them to our site as a third purchase option. For the short term, though, you’ll be able to choose between using PayPal or paying directly via credit card.

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