Verify Many Tricks’ app downloads

Last change: Jun 28 2022
[Updated: Witch 4.5.1]

The following table provides a SHA-2 cryptographic hash for each of our apps. Huh? What’s all that gobbledygook mean? Basically, it means you can use these hash values to insure that the app(s) you download from our server match what we uploaded to our server.

How can you check your download? After downloading one of our apps, open Terminal (in Applications > Utilities), type shasum -a 256 and then press the space bar, but don’t press Return. Now drag in the disk image (DMG) you doawnloaded from our site, and press Return. Here’s what you’d see for Butler (version 4.4.4) if you were to do that:

$ shasum -a 256 butler445.dmg 
    7657735096b1034fd847983201f725256c1f55f09b1071378fef3304b9d3b97c butler445.dmg

That big string starting with 7657735… is the SHA-2 hash, and that’s the value you want to check against the table below. If the string shown in Terminal differs from what’s shown in the table below for the same app, please let us know, and do not install the app!

Main Apps Version SHA-2 Hash
Butler 4.4.5 7657735096b1034fd847983201f725256c1f55f09b1071378fef3304b9d3b97c
Desktop Curtain 3.1.3 6e93e1bdaea2facfebf684a172d89918a982bb1d7db7f0ba77cf97caa1294adb
Keymou (Keymo) 1.2.10 6cb585cc7480168862f8ac85b6eb988d08aa6431521a9ca8c068d6380e35ec02
Leech 3.1.7 a54f3e94405b2835d13de7c931f58afead125ef6da2f11df2f6ddbb3c0ef5f66
Menuwhere 2.2.1 06d9c4b4a5c6117c7b07020a5ab8248aecf6f94509ca64ffb017ad908ac153f4
Moom 3.2.25 a54f3e94405b2835d13de7c931f58afead125ef6da2f11df2f6ddbb3c0ef5f66
Name Mangler 3.7.3 c6550a1d5663f07f5b20e5dcae982e4070c88db0998263992a45c57d6f175a8c
Resolutionator 2.2 9f2fd542957f70fd45a64aca8804399b44b12d30cc58d9dabda1b8924348769c
Time Sink 2.2.3 560ebfb30b2203e3376241954c6fe118f6de47f89e27052c06128655852f5b93
Usher 2.2.1 e210fab9ce91fdcb14f9e4cf894e72d0e44c157585d72fadf3998fe3a2767ac4
Witch 4.5.1 cc17d6fd8173bc0acaaec1ff146bf00fe0f83f21af7a48c53bd30481aa989c38
Baubleries Version SHA-2 Hash
Crossgrade Assistant 1.1 a8c6bad2d87541a215d8bf266ac98e064dfc864964958f3ebf184a73eaad959c
Displaperture 2.2 40a4c9d062582c1656eadba4dea7b7cf5b30e39f59a80c62296f31be3c3b4e78
Key Codes 2.2.1 a25901003045ab9079af9d91d2596602009ebe79750519add766689b4e5c0d54
Menu Bar Tint 3.1 d99e2c6fc117bdfe0ff0579171e6d4cc24b58520322ccc1bb0271f93cb647d0c
Open-With Manager 0.9.2 1cedc9a11488f704e67261483f3ac2b52039e701931133d4d0fd431024c00c62
Safari Guardian 1.2.2 cbe6588f8407eae91015378f5d02c8a2ba19cf13c37f888a892c8f39fc268a72
Service Scrubber 1.1.5 4377717775344b7ac99a577813e2ed328e0b7c283d5a43799bbf41f7537b20ea

Note: If you would like to verify an older version of any of our apps, please contact us with the app name and version number, and we’ll send you the SHA-2 hash.

SHA-2 hashes are long and complicated, so comparing them can be a bit of a pain. Here’s a way to make the task simpler. Assuming you’ve already downloaded an app, copy (double-click the hash then press Command-C) that app’s hash value from the above table.

Next, in Terminal, type expr `shasum -a 256 and press the space bar. Drag in the downloaded DMG file, which will add its complete path to what you’ve typed. Press the space bar again, then type (or paste) | cut -d ' ' -f 1` =. Finally, press the space bar once more, then press Command-V to paste your copied value. The final command will look something like this (for Moom 3.2.6):

expr `shasum -a 256 moom326.dmg | cut -d ' ' -f 1` = 482dd69788ac707f13483631eae5aaef7fcc356b688d51e359a3b69fc531a143

When you press Return, the output will either be 0 or 1. If it’s 1, all is fine—the above command compares the two values, and if they’re the same, it returns 1. But if you get a 0 as the returned value, then the hashes disagree. Please do not install the app you downloaded, and contact us immediately.

This table will be updated each time we update any of our apps.

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