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The original Many Tricks pony


Butler 4.4.8 requires macOS 10.13 High Sierra or newer. Visit the museum if you are running an older macOS version.

Butler includes a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply email us for a refund.

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Butler's purpose is to ease all those routine tasks you do every day: controlling iTunes, opening programs and documents, switching users, searching for stuff on the web, and more.

Butler lets you arrange your tasks in its fully customizable configuration. There, you can assign one or more triggers to a given task:

Triggers  ←  Butler  →  Tasks
menu bar/docklet
pop-up menus
hot keys
hot corners
launch applications
open files
access preference panes
manage bookmarks
search the web
run AppleScripts
extend the pasteboard
enter text snippets
simulate keystrokes
control iTunes
accelerate Spotlight
move/copy files
• more…

Due to its unique variety of triggers and tasks, Butler is more flexible than any other productivity tool you've seen before. That's why we call it the original many tricks pony. So don't worry if you don't have a use for all of its features right from the beginning. Just start using Butler and discover a new feature every day. And if you want to, you can look at some screenshots first.