Butler 4.4.7 released

Butler 4.4.7 is out; the update addresses a few issues, and is recommended for all Butler users (release notes).

If you’re using macOS 13, aka Ventura, and you use Butler’s System Preferences Smart Item1Butler hasn’t yet adopted the new System Settings name, you’ll probably notice it’s a lot uglier than it was before: We display raw item names, and you’ll see entries that don’t exist when you open the real System Settings app.

That’s all due to Apple revamping the System Preferences app. In the past, the app was basically a wrapper for a number of standalone preference panes. But the new System Settings app has been rewritten as an all-in-one app, where the file-system-level preference panes are merely placeholders, which makes the whole thing a lot less accessible.

We are still pondering ways to deal with this change. In the meantime, the Smart Item works, even though it looks like a work in progress.

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