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Here's where you can find information on common Resolutionator issues; submit help requests, bug reports, and ideas for new features; and contact us directly in case you don't find what you need on this page.

In addition to these resources, Resolutionator's Help file is an excellent source of information and tips about the app.

Lastly, you might also be interested in the release notes.

How To

On the Many Tricks blog, we run an occasional series of tips in a "How To" series. For your convenience, all the How To articles related to Witch are reproduced here; just click to read directly on this page. (You can also click the title in the header area of the article to read the original blog entry and any associated comments).

Common Issues

The following topics are covered in the Witch section of our Knowledge Base; use the links below for fast access to each area of discussion.

Using our Support System

Our support system is where you can ask for specific instructions on how to do something, suggest a new feature, and report bugs. To do any of those things, just click the relevant link below:

Complete all sections of the form, then click the Submit Ticket button at the bottom to put your ticket into the support system.

Note: A valid email address is required in order for the support system to work properly.

Other Ways to Contact Us

While our support system is the best way for us to interact with you, you can also use regular email if you prefer. In addition, we maintain the Resolutionator Talk Google group as another communications channel.

Although we're on Twitter, that's really not an ideal support medium (140 characters is just not enough to resolve most questions). As a result, if you ask support questions on Twitter, we'll probably reply with the URL to this page, so that we can better address your question.

Resolutionator 1.1.1 requires OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" or newer. You can try it for free, and you'll find it's most useful on Macs that have an internal retina display. The change log is an interesting read. Why is Resolutionator so inexpensive? In order to do what it does, Resolutionator relies on a non-published programming interface within OS X. Changes to this interface may cause Resolutionator to fail. If that were to happen, we don't want you to feel like you haven't gotten your money's worth from our app. And at only $3, you can do that with a few hours' usage of the application.