Leech 1.1

After a week of gathering feedback for the initial release, here’s Leech 1.1. We’re pretty sure you’ll like this update.

The most important improvement, in our opinion, is browser integration. Before releasing Leech 1.0, we weren’t sure if doing this was actually a good idea, because Safari doesn’t have any official plug-in interface, which makes each and every Safari enhancement a more or less dangerous hack. But your feedback was quite clear, so we changed our collective mind and implemented seamless integration for Safari, Camino, and OmniWeb by means of a SIMBL plug-in. If you’re using things like PithHelmet or 1password, SIMBL is already installed on your Mac. And we certainly made an effort to make this as failure-safe as possible. So go ahead, enable browser integration from within Leech, and all your browser downloads will be handed off to Leech automatically.

Further improvements are a rule system to define individual download folders as well as applications to open complete downloads based on a given download’s file type and host; a searchable downloads history I’m particularly proud of; various minor improvements and bug fixes; and a French localization.

Oh, and if you have been using another download manager up to now, check out our “Switch!” offer on Leech’s product page.

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