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Safari 5.1 breaks Leech and Safari Guardian

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Hot on the heels of our Leech incompatibility in Lion (see our Lion compatibility list), it turns out that Safari 5.1 also breaks Leech and Safari Guardian in Snow Leopard as well.

As with the Lion issue, we’re looking for a solution, but for now if you want browser integration, either don’t upgrade Safari, or use Firefox with the FlashGot extension.

Our apps and OS X Lion compatibility

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

With today’s release of Lion, here’s an update on the status of all our apps in Apple’s latest Mac OS X release. Note that this is based on our testing only, and many of our apps are feature-rich: so if you run into something, please let us know via comments here, a tweet, an email message, or a trouble ticket.

  • Butler: Compatible, though it’s likely we haven’t tested 100% of everything that Butler can do.
  • Desktop Curtain: Compatible, but with some issues if you use Spaces or Mission Control. We’re working to find a solution to those issues.
  • Displaperture: Compatible.
  • Key Codes: Compatible.
  • Keymo: Compatible.
  • Leech: Leech’s browser integration feature only works with Firefox in Lion. We’re investigating getting the other browsers working again, and will post any updates here on our blog.
  • Menu Bar Tint: Compatible.
  • Moom: Compatible, as of latest 2.2 update.
  • Name Mangler: Compatible.
  • Open-With Manager: Not recommended and not tested in Lion.
  • Safari Guardian: Not compatible with Lion. It won’t cause problems if installed, but its features won’t work. (Note: Safari 5.1 in Snow Leopard also breaks Safari Guardian.)
  • Service Scrubber: Not recommended and not tested in Lion.
  • Time Sink: Compatible.
  • Usher: Compatible.
  • Witch: Compatible, as of the 3.7 update.

As noted above, if you find certain features in our apps that don’t work in Lion, please let us know!

It’s Touch-up Tuesday

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Normally we have Minor Update Mondays around these parts, but hey, delays are unavoidable at times—so welcome to our first Touch-up Tuesday instead!

The highlights of today’s updates include (but check out the release notes page for each app for the full story)…

  • Leech 2.0.6’s browser plug-in now works with the WebKit Nightly Builds.
  • Name Mangler 2.2.3 adds the ability to prepend (as well as the existing append) a file name when numbering sequentially or using a terms list.

    A creative solutionIt also includes a new “Replace All” setting in a confirmation dialog; this new feature owes its existence to user Mike B., who requested it and demonstrated its need by including the image seen at right.

    Yes, that’s a small heavy bottle resting on the Return key, so that it can be automatically pressed to dismiss the dialog every time it appears! Time to retire the bottle, Mike.

  • Witch 3.5.5, which includes some performance improvements and a fix to make it work much better with the new App Tamer from St. Clair Software.
  • Taking a cue from Leech, Safari Guardian also now works with the WebKit Nightly Builds.

In addition to the above, we’re still hard at work on both Usher and our new time-tracking app; stay tuned for news on both fronts in the near future…and yes, work continues on Butler 5 as well!

Safari Guardian updated for Mac OS X 10.6

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

We’ve updated Safari Guardian for the 64-bit world that is Mac OS X 10.6. So if you’re a Safari Guardian user, download the latest version and you can stop running Safari in 32-bit mode.

(There were no other changes in this release, and it still works with Safari 4 and/or Mac OS X 10.5, if you’ve not yet upgraded your OS or your browser.)

Leech 1.1

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

After a week of gathering feedback for the initial release, here’s Leech 1.1. We’re pretty sure you’ll like this update.

The most important improvement, in our opinion, is browser integration. Before releasing Leech 1.0, we weren’t sure if doing this was actually a good idea, because Safari doesn’t have any official plug-in interface, which makes each and every Safari enhancement a more or less dangerous hack. But your feedback was quite clear, so we changed our collective mind and implemented seamless integration for Safari, Camino, and OmniWeb by means of a SIMBL plug-in. If you’re using things like PithHelmet or 1password, SIMBL is already installed on your Mac. And we certainly made an effort to make this as failure-safe as possible. So go ahead, enable browser integration from within Leech, and all your browser downloads will be handed off to Leech automatically.

Further improvements are a rule system to define individual download folders as well as applications to open complete downloads based on a given download’s file type and host; a searchable downloads history I’m particularly proud of; various minor improvements and bug fixes; and a French localization.

Oh, and if you have been using another download manager up to now, check out our “Switch!” offer on Leech’s product page.

Safari Size Guardian 1.0; Mother’s Day

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

While working on browser integration for Leech (the update will be available as early as next week), I came across a solution for another issue that’s been bugging me for years: unsolicited JavaScript window resizing in Safari. So if you — like me — despise web sites that think they know your browser window partialities better than you do, have a look at this little hack named Safari Guardian.

In other news, tomorrow is Mother’s Day in quite a lot of countries all over the planet. If you’re still looking for a gift, have a look at macZOT’s Mother’s Day Sixpack, which includes TubiTunes. (You can also buy that SixPack for yourself. We won’t tell.)