yFlicks 3.3.2

As promised, here’s yFlicks 3.3.2, which fixes a bug that resulted in a hanging yflickscrawler process and, consequently, non-working preview image creation with QuickTime 7.5 installed. This version also works around a bug in Apple’s URL loading frameworks that resulted in long download connection delays under certain circumstances (background info for fellow developers: NSURLConnections based on NSMutableURLRequests don’t obey their timeout setting, so we had to emulate that time-out).

And last but not least, yFlicks now speaks French. Merci beaucoup, Ronald!

Update: Just in case some of you French users are wondering why the sidebar categories (“Library”, “Smart Groups”, etc.) aren’t renamed to French automatically in this version — that’s because they are entirely under your thumb once you’ve created a library. Just rename those categories to whatever you prefer.

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