Another day, another Name Mangler release

We’ve just released Name Mangler 2.4.4, which contains an important fix for an issue introduced in yesterday’s 2.4.3 update: under certain conditions, renaming wouldn’t actually work, despite the filename preview showing correctly within Name Mangler. Version 2.4.4 fixes this problem, and that’s the only change in this release.

If you bought Name Mangler directly from us, the update has been released, and you can get it via in-app updating or by downloading Name Mangler again from our site. We apologize for two releases in two days, but we felt it was important to get this fix out as soon as possible.

If you’re using the App Store version, we’ve submitted 2.4.4 for approval, which we hope will take only a few days. If you find that version 2.4.3 won’t work for a certain renaming task, you can (temporarily) use the demo version from our site until the App Store update is approved. Continue reading to see how to do that.

Here’s how to use the independent version of Name Mangler without losing your installed App Store version.

  1. Download Name Mangler.
  2. Double-click the resulting disk image, and open it in Finder.
  3. Drag the Name Mangler application from the disk image to somewhere other than the Applications folder. Name Mangler will run from any folder on your machine, so put the web version in a folder other than Applications. This will leave your App Store version intact.
  4. Eject the disk image.
  5. Double-click the downloaded version of Name Mangler to use it.

Always try the App Store version first; it’s only certain renaming tasks that will cause it to fail. If it doesn’t work, then run the web version—this will make the web version’s 25-use trial limit last much longer.

Once the App Store update is approved, simply update your copy via the App Store application, and then delete the copy you downloaded from our site.

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