Something’s changed here

Indeed it has—welcome to the new-and-improved Many Tricks web site. In addition to generally trying to make the site more pleasant to use, we’ve added some features to make it easier to find information on our products, to simplify navigation, and to support our customers. Some of these features include:

  • A new landing page with rotating showcase items and pop-up product bubbles for fast access to more info, download, and buy options for each product.
  • A brand-new support center for reporting bugs, browsing our knowledge base, and submitting help requests.
  • Each major product page includes a link to easy-to-read release notes, as well as links to the above-mentioned support center.
  • A site map at the bottom of each page lets you jump anywhere on the site with a single click.

While no site is ever perfect, we think this revision is a nice improvement over the old site. We’ve tested it in all the main OS X browsers (Safari, Firefox, Opera, OmniWeb, Camino, Chrome, iCab) with good results. Sadly, if you’re still using Internet Explorer 5.2 for Mac, it’s time to upgrade—the site loads very poorly there (no, I don’t really think anyone still uses IE 5.2!).

On Windows machines, the experience isn’t as good—you’ll notice small issues in both Firefox and IE 8. We’re aware of these issues, and they’re on our hit list, but quite honestly, we have some other more pressing matters on the Mac and iPad side of the house at the moment.

For the best experience on our site in Windows for now, I suggest either Apple’s Safari, or Google Chrome, as both are based on WebKit, and do a good (though not quite perfect) job of rendering the site.

If you notice any broken links or missing images as you browse around, please let us know; you can drop us an email with a description of the problem and the page on which you saw it.

Today also marks the beginning of regular blog entries, too—this will be the best place to find out about beta tests, new versions of existing apps, and brand new apps. So go ahead and subscribe to our RSS feed for the easiest way to stay current.

It’s good to be back.

4 Responses to “Something’s changed here”

  1. Tom says:

    Hello Peter, Rob,

    > It’s good to be back.

    well, it’s good to have you back :-) I look forward to great new stuff from Many Tricks and further development of your already great old stuff.

    Butler still is one of my favourites, wouldn’t want to use my Mac w/o it. I wonder where this cute app is heading to …

    yFlicks … crashed on me and then I forgot about it, maybe that’s also on your “refurbish” list?

    Name Mangler could use a “change to proper English capitalization” function.

    Your other stuff I’m not that familiar with. Yet.

    I wish you all the best,


  2. Mark says:

    Welcome back, guys!

    Great to know we will be getting fairly regular blog entries to keep us up to date on everything. Can’t wait until I can give you guys my money for the extensive Butler update you have planned. ;)

    Thanks for the info. Best of luck with your future plans.

  3. Peter Maurer says:

    Thanks to the both of you!

    @Tom: You bet yFlicks is on that list…well, technically speaking, it isn’t. But something else is, if you catch my drift. And it sure is great to see one of Many Tricks’ longest-time supporters (actually before the operation was called that, IIRC) still being around and interested in what we do. Much appreciated.

  4. Tom says:

    Yes, Peter, you remember correctly. And though I don’t want to creed myself with false laurels I *think* it was me who told you about that big German Mac forum (I needn’t tell the name, eh? ;-)) and asked you to join there … but then perhaps it was Michael B., at least I remember he asked me not to write sth. about Butler way back then cause he was about to feature it in his fantastic “Utility Of The Week” series.

    Even though we haven’t always been d’accord and some of my words may have been harsh I’ve always held you in high respect.

    Thanks for your kind words, and be sure that I’m very happy that your and your companions’s enterprise is on the rise again.

    Greetings, Tom