Some ideas for your Donation Day savings

Update: It seems Apple has ended our App Store pricing somewhat early; all App Store prices are back to their normal levels. (This probably happened in preparation for the shutdown that begins at midnight tonight, Pacific time).

Our own store’s schedule remains unchanged, however: you can buy for $1 through tomorrow morning.

Now that Donation Day is live in most of the world, we thought we’d make the task of donating easier by providing some links to various charities (a few people have asked us for such). Note that the intent of Donation Day is for everyone to donate to a charity of their choosing, thereby perhaps getting some money to charities that don’t usually get much visibility. However, we realize that some people may prefer a bit of guidance on the subject.

So with that said, here are some links to help start your charitable giving campaign…

Hopefully this list gives you a nice start at finding a home for all that cash you saved on your Many Tricks’ purchases today!

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