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A brief follow-up on Donation Day activities

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

On December 20th, we ran a promotion wherein you could get any of our apps for $1 apiece, with the understanding that you’d donate the cost savings to a charity of your choice. Obviously, we have no idea how many people actually donated, versus those who just saw a chance to buy our apps on the cheap—hopefully a fair percentage of people at least gave something to a charity of their choice.

From the responses we did receive, the distribution of charities was quite wide. Browsing the emails and tweets, here’s every charity we can identify that received some money from our customers on Donation Day (in no particular order):

Salvation ArmyOxfam JapanPartners in Health • 10 Days of Giving Food Shelf • Gruft – Caritas ViennaWorld Wildlife Fund • Bible for Today • Charity:WaterSjogren’s Syndrome Foundation • Celiac Disease CenterMind, the Mental Health Charity • Santé-Sud • Action Contre La Faim • Electronic Frontier Foundation • Brady Campaign to Stop Gun ViolenceNational Pancreatic Cancer FoundationOakton Community College Educational FoundationHurricane Sandy Appeal – British Red Cross • Wikimedia Foundation • Coalition to Stop Gun Violence • Jehova’s Witnesses • Mazon: A Jewish Response to HungerWarren Public Library • Mateno • Motor Neurone Disease Association • Local food drive • Local church parish • Nyx – Free public internet • American Red Cross • Local children’s charity • Housing WorksWaterAidWCNY Public TV • Warren General Hospital

That’s quite a list, and we obviously hope that there are many other charities that benefited from our Donation Day; we heard from only a sampling of our customers.

To all of you who bought and then contributed to a charity on Donation Day, we thank you for following through on something that was based on nothing more than trusting people to do the right thing—both of us felt really good about what was going on as we read the tweets and emails. And for those of you who bought the apps cheaply but haven’t donated, please do so. This wasn’t a giveaway on our part, it was an idea to raise money for charity. So please, contribute your savings and help make a difference.

In closing, and to bring Donation Day full circle, we’ve also made a charitable contribution of our own: Many Tricks has donated $2,000 to Newtown Youth and Family Services, to help everyone there recover (as best as may be possible) from the horrible tragedy they’ve lived through.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable holidayPeter and Rob.

Donation Day has come to a close

Friday, December 21st, 2012

If you’re coming here via a link about our Donation Day promotion, it has come to an end. We’ll have an update on how it went somewhat later today. Thanks to everyone who did the right thing by donating their savings to a charity of their choice!

Some ideas for your Donation Day savings

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Update: It seems Apple has ended our App Store pricing somewhat early; all App Store prices are back to their normal levels. (This probably happened in preparation for the shutdown that begins at midnight tonight, Pacific time).

Our own store’s schedule remains unchanged, however: you can buy for $1 through tomorrow morning.

Now that Donation Day is live in most of the world, we thought we’d make the task of donating easier by providing some links to various charities (a few people have asked us for such). Note that the intent of Donation Day is for everyone to donate to a charity of their choosing, thereby perhaps getting some money to charities that don’t usually get much visibility. However, we realize that some people may prefer a bit of guidance on the subject.

So with that said, here are some links to help start your charitable giving campaign…

Hopefully this list gives you a nice start at finding a home for all that cash you saved on your Many Tricks’ purchases today!

Announcing Many Tricks’ Donation Day

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

In the past, we’ve donated proceeds from our software sales to worthy causes, such as the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and Charity:Water. This year, we thought we’d try something different…

On Thursday, December 20*, all of our apps
will be priced at $1 ($0.99 on the App Store).

The catch: We want you to donate the money you saved
(compared to list prices) to the charity of your choice.

For example, if you want to own Moom ($10) and Time Sink ($5), we’ll expect you to donate $13 to your favorite charity. Usher ($35) and Desktop Curtain ($5) would mean a $38 donation. Buy everything in our portfolio for $9, and donate $109 to charity. It’s pretty simple math, regardless of which apps you’re interested in buying. (These donations should be tax deductible, too, but please don’t take our word for that!)

You may wonder how we’re enforcing this donation requirement. The short answer is we’re not. We both firmly believe in the goodness of people, and we’re confident that those who purchase on Thursday will do the right thing. Will everyone? Absolutely not. But we believe that many will, which will hopefully lead to some nice contributions to a wide range of charities.

Sure, we could have kept prices at their normal level, and donated proceeds to a charity or two of our choosing. But we feel strongly that you should be able to pick your own charity, and we hope that by dropping the apps’ prices to $1 for the day, we’ll get more participation than we would by simply donating our proceeds.

So if you’ve been waiting for a good excuse to purchase one or more of our apps, Thursday’s the day. You get the apps you want at an amazing price, you get to choose who gets the money you saved on our apps, and you get to feel good about supporting a charity.

All we ask (ask, not require) is that you let us what you did with the savings. You can either send us an email with the details, or just tweet about it, and copy @manytricks on your tweet. We’d love to know how much money was donated, and to which charities, if you feel like sharing that information.

Happy Holidays!Peter and Rob.


Because the world insists on having multiple timezones, our Donation Day pricing will roll out differently for the App Store and for our web site. App Store buyers will see Donation Day pricing starting at 12:01am on December 20th in their local timezones, and it will end 24 hours later.

On our web site, Donation Day pricing will begin at 7am Pacific USA time on December 20th, and end at 7am Pacific USA time on December 21st. This will give buyers, regardless of their local timezone, 24 hours to purchase directly from us, if that’s their preference.