Usher’s App Store hiatus is over

After much back-and-forth with Apple, we’re thrilled to announce that Usher 1.1.8 has been approved for sale in the App Store! Version 1.1.8 is basically the same as the recently-released 1.1.7, with a few additional bug fixes. Both the direct and App Store versions of Usher are now at 1.1.8, and both are available at the lower $25 ($24.99 App Store) price.

Direct buyers can get the update via in-app updating; App Store buyers should see the update in the App Store application shortly, if not already. (If you’re having trouble finding Usher in the App Store, it seems that Usher’s hiatus has caused some difficulty with search. Try this direct link instead.)

We’re sorry we had to (briefly) take Usher out of the App Store, but we didn’t feel right selling it with usability issues in OS X 10.9. But now, it’s back, and at feature parity with the direct sales version.

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