Menuwhere 2.2 adds mouse support

I didn’t think it possible, but with today’s update to Menuwhere, I’m using it even more than I was before—and I already used it a lot.

When I pestered Peter to create a modern replacement for my old “menus at the mouse location” app (DejaMenu), it was because I’m primarily a keyboard user, and hate dragging my mouse to the menus to activate them. But macOS is a mouse-centric OS, and as such, my hand is still on the mouse quite regularly.

And now, I can use Menuwhere even when my hand is on the mouse, as version 2.2 activates when you hold down the Command key and right-click your mouse. This idea came from user ‘Spirit’ on the Menuwhere channel of our home on Discord, and it’s sheer brilliance. I find myself using Menuwhere even more often, and I have to move my mouse around even less than I did before.

As always, check the release notes for the full story, and you can update via the in-app updater, or by downloading a fresh copy from the Menuwhere web page.

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