A Forum Called Help

You have been asking for this for years; and here it is: the Many Tricks Forum.

Now, you might realize that this forum lives at a subdomain, namely help.manytricks.com. Why did we call it that? We don’t necessarily think of this forum as another means to help users solve problems they might encounter with our software. We do that by e-mail most of the time, and it works fine.

We’re talking about the inverse here: We’d like to ask you to help us improve our products by sharing your ideas and disussing them with your fellow users.

This will make it easier for us to evaluate what features are really needed; and sometimes, you might even realize that your request has already been complied with. For example, you wouldn’t believe how often we hear something along the lines of “I didn’t know Butler could do that”.

So by opening this forum, we’re asking you a favor. We’re asking you to participate and share your insight. In return, we are going to give away one software license for free to an active forum member each month.

Update: The forum is not available at this time. Feel free to yell at us in public via Twitter and/or blog comments in the meantime. ;-)

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