Service Scrubber 1.1.4; yFlicks 3.1.1

We’ve got two bug-fix updates for you today:

Firstly, Service Scrubber 1.1.4 no longer lets you edit signed applications, as introduced by Mac OS X 10.5. This restriction effectively limits Service Scrubber to non-Apple applications and services; but unfortunately, it’s a necessary step — at least as of now.

Here’s why: Service Scrubber works by editing an application’s resources, and those signed applications refuse to play nice with your key chain, which is used for storing your passwords, once their resources have been edited by a 3rd-party application, such as Service Scrubber. So if you’re using Service Scrubber on services made available by Apple’s Mail application, for instance, Mail might lose the ability to access your stored mailbox passwords or store new passwords.

If you’re still on Mac OS X 10.4 or earlier, this restriction does not apply, as there aren’t any signed applications there. And if you’re willing to take the risk of editing certain signed applications on Mac OS X 10.5, let us know. There is a way to circumvent the “non-signed applications only” restriction built into Service Scrubber 1.1.4, but we’re not sure yet whether releasing it is worth the risk of having some users detach their applications from the key chain, so to speak, without being fully aware of the consequences.

The second update is much easier to explain: yFlicks 3.1.1 fixes an issue that made downloading from international YouTube sites — such as — impossible. End of story.

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