Witch + window previews + App Store = Save!

Pardon the mathematically-influenced headline, but Witch 3.6 is now available in the App Store. The big news here is that it now includes the pop-up window previews that are present in the standalone version of Witch. This puts the App Store version of Witch at feature parity (excluding software updates) with the independent version.

To be honest, we weren’t sure the image previews would be approved…and now that they have been, we feel like celebrating.

So for the next 48 hours (until 7:00am Pacific Time on Friday, January 28th), Witch is on sale for only $9.99…regardless of whether you buy it from the App Store or from our site.

If you’ve been considering Witch, now’s the time to act. Once the sale ends, both versions of Witch will return to their standard ($19 direct, $18.99 App Store) prices.

6 Responses to “Witch + window previews + App Store = Save!”

  1. Ray says:

    Does the 60 day refund apply to the MAS purchase? Will you continue both channels?

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      “Does the 60 day refund apply to the MAS purchase?”

      I’m not sure: we don’t control the refund process at the App Store; Apple sets those policies.


  2. PamG says:

    Woot! Just grabbed it. Happy camper! Thanks.

  3. Dan Neal says:

    I’m presently attending Macworld with just my iPad. Is there any way I can take advantage of this offer?

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      If you want the direct version, I believe our purchasing module works just fine on the iPad. If you want to buy it from the App Store, unfortunately we can’t do much to help — there are no discount codes, so I can’t offer you a coupon to get it at the sale price. One possible solution, though this is untested, would be to borrow a friend’s machine, log in to the App Store using your username/password, and then buy the app. I’m not positive about how that works, though.


  4. Josh N. says:

    I’m glad you got both versions to have feature parity. Great work!