Witch and Key Codes updated

Today we released updates to Witch (version 3.6.2) and Key Codes (version 1.1). Both of these are minor updates, and here’s what was changed:

  • Witch now properly treats the backtick/tilde key on US keyboards as a ‘cycle backwards’ shortcut (just like Mac OS X does with the Command-Tab switcher). We also fixed a problem that was causing double entries to appear for certain programs, most notably Path Finder.
  • Key Codes now lets you ‘unfloat’ its window (via the Window menu), and contains (for the App Store version) our In App news module, to provide updates to users of the App Store version of the program.

Witch users can update via the App Store or in-app updating (depending on which version you use); Key Codes doesn’t support in-app updating, so you’ll need to download the new version if you got it from our web site. (The App Store version will, of course, update via the App Store program.)

2 Responses to “Witch and Key Codes updated”

  1. Dylan Quinn says:

    I just had a quick question before I purchase witch:
    If I had 6 different preview windows open, is there any way to open the witch window, select 3 of the 6 preview windows and close them?
    If not, i think this would be a useful feature.

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      Witch can close, hide, or minimize windows via the switcher panel, so I think the answer is “yes.” Just activate Witch, then move to the window you want to modify and press either W (close), H (hide), or M (minimize) as you need.