Moom 1.2 cheats its way onto the grid

Moom, our newest app, takes a big step forward today to version 1.2, which introduces a couple of very useful new features and improves Moom’s interactions with a number of programs. The update is available now (or very shortly) for both direct (via in-app updating or from our site) and App Store (via the App Store application) customers .

So what’s new, and why is Moom cheating its way onto the grid? Well, the cheating bit refers to a new cheat sheet for keyboard users—the cheat sheet displays the currently-assigned shortcut keys. This feature is off by default, and can be enabled on the Keyboard tab of Moom’s Settings window. The grid bit refers to a very cool new feature for mouse users that lets you easily move and resize windows to custom sizes and positions. Also off by default, enable the grid (and set its size) via the Mouse tab of Moom’s Settings window. (If you want more information on how the grid works, read the help file for a detailed look at this cool new feature.)

Moom 1.2 also resolves an issue that was causing crashes in LibreOffice and OpenOffice. For the record, this crash was not due to anything Moom was doing, but rather, in how those apps respond to requests via Apple’s Accessibility API. We’ve found a good workaround, though, and Moom 1.2 now works properly with these apps.

There is another class of applications where Moom doesn’t work properly—as with LibreOffice/OpenOffice, this is due to problems with those programs and the Accessibility API. Moom now ignores these applications, so such problems are avoided. You can see a list of these programs, along with the other changes in Moom 1.2, on the release notes page.

If you haven’t updated yet, we strongly recommend you do so now—between the new features and the bug fixes, this is an important update for all Moom users.

3 Responses to “Moom 1.2 cheats its way onto the grid”

  1. Ben says:

    The grid feature is very clever. :) I like it a lot.

  2. Chris says:

    The grid feature could certainly be improved further by having a way to use it to reconfigure the standard icons, the 1/2 screen vertical is something that is probably I would infrequently use on my 27″ iMac for example… a width of 3/8ths 2/8ths off centre is quite a nice browser size however…

  3. Patrick Michel says:

    I also like the grid feature a lot, but would also like to be able to redefine the buttons with it!

    Additionally I’d love to be able to assign shortcuts to different “grid layouts”, so I can quickly apply a grid layout to the current window.

    Just some ideas which I think come up naturally after this nice update.