Make your own Moom with Moom 2

Today we released Moom 2, a major upgrade to our window moving and zooming utility. You may be saying to yourself, “didn’t they just release Moom 1 last week?” Well, it was actually just over three months ago, but yes, that’s still a very short interval for a major upgrade.

But that short interval is actually good news for existing Moom customers. Because it’s only been three months since the initial release, Moom 2 is a completely free upgrade for all purchasers. App Store users can download the new version through the App Store application, and direct customers can use the in-app updating to get the new release.

So what’s so cool about this release that merited a full-version jump? Custom controls, that’s what. And just what are custom controls? Custom controls let you turn Moom into a customized tool that does just what you want it to do. You can create a custom control for any Moom action, and then access that custom control via a defined keyboard shortcut, or via the menu bar menu. You can even access these custom controls in the mouse palette, via an option in the Mouse section of Moom’s settings window. (See the Moom product page to see how custom controls look, both while creating them and while using them.)

You can create as many custom controls as you like, too. To help keep all those custom controls straight, you can organize them by drag-arranging them in the Custom tab of Moom’s settings window. You can also insert separators, and apply group headings to groups of related actions.

We’ve been thrilled with the reaction to Moom so far, and we think Moom 2’s custom controls turn an already great tool into a simply amazing tool. If you haven’t tried it yet, download it from the Moom page and give it a try.

6 Responses to “Make your own Moom with Moom 2”

  1. Dan F says:

    Will moom work with Lion?

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      From what we know now, yes, Moom looks like it will work with Lion. But we can’t commit to anything officially until Lion is released.


  2. Buster P. Keaton says:

    Hey, I just bought Moom based on reviews of Moom 1. I loved it already, but Moom 2 is everything I’ve been looking for for a long long time.
    Great stuff!

  3. Dan F says:

    Too late, I already bought it. Hope it works!

  4. Steve B says:

    Moom is slick :) But does getting the custom controls on the mouse palette really have to replace the easy access to the “Revert to Original Dimensions” button? Can there not be an additional button for custom controls (perhaps under the “Revert to Original Dimensions” button?

  5. Rob Griffiths says:

    Steve: In a future update, we’ve got a couple better solutions for this – stay tuned!