Usher 1.1.4—for direct customers only—released

We’ve released Usher 1.1.4, but only for those who purchased it directly from us.

Why not update the Mac App Store version of Usher, too? We’d love to, but when we submitted the update, Apple raised some issues with some of Usher’s functionality (not new functionality; just newly-raised issues).

While we hope we’ll be able to update MAS Usher in the near future, we can’t set a timeline for such an update, nor can we say for certain what features may or may not be in that update. Sorry to be vague about this, but the situation is still in flux. Once we know the final outcome, we’ll post a follow-up explaining exactly what will happen with MAS Usher going forward.

So what’s new in 1.1.4? Mainly a number of small bug fixes and usability improvements. About the most-visible change is the addition of a Batch Rename entry in the Usher menu, to prevent accidental batch renaming when selecting more than one movie. For the rest of the fixes, see Usher’s release notes page.

As always (for direct customers only, again), you can get the update via in-app updating, or through Usher’s web page.

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