Displaperture 1.2.2 now rounds like a Lion

Displaperture 1.2.2 is a very minor update; the only change is that it can now use settings as low as four pixels, down from seven. (Four pixels matches the rounding you’ll see on all window corners in Lion.) Note that this build now requires 10.6 or newer, and only works on Intel-powered Macs. (Displaperture 1.1 is available for those on older versions of Mac OS X and/or on PowerPC Macs.)

One Response to “Displaperture 1.2.2 now rounds like a Lion”

  1. Nathan Gray says:

    Wow. I was just cleaning up old cruft after migrating to a new Mac and realized I’m still merrily running Displaperture after 4 years. I can’t believe it got an update *yesterday*. Nice work!