Name Mangler 2.5 and Witch 3.8 released

Hot on the heels of Moom 2.4, we’ve just released Name Mangler 2.4 and Witch 3.8. These are both “full dot” version number increases; here’s a quick look at what’s new in each program:

Important note: Both Name Mangler and Witch now work only on Intel-based Macs and Mac OS X 10.6 or later. If you’re on a PowerPC-based system, and/or Mac OS X 10.5, you’ll want to remain on your current versions. If you accidentally update, you can download the prior versions from the sidebar on each program’s page.

Name Mangler 2.5

  • Added a File > Populate command (Command-O) to populate Name Mangler’s file list via the OS X Open dialog.
  • Advanced mode’s [pad] and truncate functions can now pad or truncate from the beginning of a string, by using negative numbers.
  • New name.extension and .extension variables ease some Advanced mode renaming tasks.
  • Full list of changes in Name Mangler 2.5.

Witch 3.8

  • The Witch switcher panel now scrolls to display all open windows, regardless of the length of the list. (Prior versions of Witch would extend the panel beyond the screen, but you couldn’t access items below the lower boundary of the screen.)
  • Witch’s debug mode now shows how long it takes for applications to provide their list of open windows. (More detail on this is in the release notes.)
  • Full list of changes in Witch 3.8.

App Store customers can find these new versions on the Updates tab of the App Store application (either now, or in the very near future). Direct customers can download new versions from our site, or use the in-app upates feature to update directly from the application.

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