Moom 2.4 chains things together

Great news for all you Moom users out there; Moom 2.4 is out, and features the single most-requested feature on our to do list: chaining of Custom Controls. This is mostly of interest to users with more than one display, but others may find it useful as well.

For this release, we’ve implemented chaining of Custom Controls in the most simple way possible: assign the same keyboard shortcut (either a single-key local shortcut, or a global multi-key shortcut) to more than one Moom Custom Control, and those Custom Controls will execute automatically, in the order you have them arranged in Moom’s Custom Controls panel. Here’s an example:

When I press Shift-Option-H, Moom will first move the frontmost window one display to the left, and then center that window. This all happens very rapidly, such that you’ll usually only see the end result of your chained Custom Controls (which is really all you care about, after all). You can read Moom’s Help file for more information on chaining Custom Controls.

Note that this isn’t our complete vision for chaining Moom Custom Controls; we have some great ideas on how to make it work much better in Moom 3. However, we think this implementation works, and it helps us get the feature out there for everyone to use, without waiting on the next major upgrade.

There’s more in Moom 2.4, of course; we’ve reorganized the menu bar menu, placing the often-used Save Window Layout Snapshot and Settings choices up top, and we now check to see if Moom is hidden at login in OS X Lion (as this causes issues with Moom’s green button overlay). You can read the release notes page to see all the changes in this release.

As always, updates for Mac App Store purchasers will be found (either now, or very shortly) on the Updates tab of the App Store application. Direct purchasers can download the latest version of Moom from our site, or use the in-app Updates tab to check for updates.

4 Responses to “Moom 2.4 chains things together”

  1. KEITH says:

    Is there an upgrade option for Moom? If so, How and where is it? THANKS

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      If you bought from the App Store, launch the App Store application, go to the Updates tab, and you’ll see any available Moom updates in the list of programs with available updates.

      If you bought from us, just select Check for Updates from the Moom menu, or download a new copy of the app from our site and replace the old version with the new version.

      NOTE: You cannot use the version from our site if you bought from the App Store; you need to get all updates via the App Store application.


  2. Okay this is getting a little crazy here. There is no update drop down in the icon memu bar. There is no place to see which version I have. The apps in the app store does not have your icon with all my apps… So what gives? First what version do I have and second how can this be upgraded? I went to download again and my computer said I have a newer version then the download…

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      Regardless of whether you have the App Store version or our direct sales version, you can find the version by selecting About Moom in the menu. If you’re using Moom as a normal (has a dock icon) application, then that’s in the Moom menu item. If you’re running Moom in the menu bar (no dock icon), then click the Moom menu bar icon, and you’ll see About Moom.

      That will tell you exactly which version number you’re running. As to whether you’re running the direct or App Store version, that’s easy too: just open Moom’s settings window. If you see an Updates tab (next to Custom), then you have the direct version. If you don’t see Updates, you have the App Store version.