Usher 1.1.6 released

We’ve just released Usher 1.1.6 (direct version only; see this post for details on why you should migrate, for free, from the App Store version). This version includes a couple important changes to Usher’s support for media in iPhoto, iTunes, and Aperture, and restores YouTube downloads, which were broken by a recent YouTube update.

All Usher users should upgrade to 1.1.6, either via in-app updating or from the Usher web page; the changes we’ve made to the external media section of Usher will prevent you from accidentally removing media from those external sources. App Store buyers will have to migrate to the direct version, as explained in the linked post, in order to get 1.1.6.

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  1. Pierre says:

    Hi !
    unfortunately, I just tried to install the new release described, expecting better performances with Youtube downloading, but on my mac, this release doesn’t work and “block” with no opportunities to open Usher. Fortunately, thanks to timemachine, I saved the situation, but I would like this version to work ! can you help me ?
    PS : sorry, writing form France, my english can be a bit poor…