The terms of the Many Tricks software license

I’ve had a few questions on how Many Tricks’ programs are licensed: is it per computer, per user, per user per computer, or something else? Our website presently doesn’t provide this information (we’ll be changing that shortly), so I thought I’d explain here so it’s (hopefully) clear. I’ve posted this same information to our knowledge base. And yes, we do have a full, legalese-filled software license, which covers what’s below and adds some required legal terminology.

The objective in our licensing is to keep things simple and fair. To that end, all of our products fall under one general usage license. Here’s how the licensing works: It’s basically a “buy only one” license model, except in the case of possible simultaneous usage. These situations should help clarify that basic rule:

If you use only one Mac: If you use just one Mac, then your Many Tricks’ license is good for all users of that machine. So if your family is sharing an iMac, you need only one Many Tricks license for each of our products, regardless of how many people are using them on that one machine.

If you use more than one Mac: If you use more than one Mac, and it’s just you that uses it, then you also need just one license per Many Tricks program that you use. So if you want to use Witch on all seven of your Macs, go right ahead and do so — you just need to purchase one license to cover all seven machines.

If you and others in your family use more than one Mac: This is the only situation where you may need more than one license. How many do you need? To keep things affordable, we’ve taken a somewhat unique approach: you need a license for the smaller of the number of possible simultaneous users and the number of Macs in your home.

For instance, in a home with two Mac-using adults, two quite-young kids, and three Macs, we would expect you to purchase two licenses: one for each Mac-using adult (assuming both were users of Many Tricks’ programs). You can install Many Tricks’ programs on all three machines, of course, but you only need two licenses.

In a home with three Macs, two Mac-using adults and two Mac-using teens, you would need three licenses (one for each Mac), again assuming at least three people are using Many Tricks’ programs.

Please note that our licensing is done on the honor system: Many Tricks does not track the installation or usage of our programs. Our licenses are installed for all users of a machine by default, so we’re simply asking you to do the right thing based on your family’s usage of our programs.

Please let me know if you have any questions on our license, or think some element of it can be modified for clarity and/or fairness.

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