Usher 1.1.16 released

Although Usher is retired, that doesn’t mean it’s being ignored. Today’s update adds two new features (really!), and fixes a couple of bugs.

The new features are an option to auto-size thumbnails, and (mainly for those looking to migrate to another app), a CSV export option. For more details on the export, open Usher’s help, and you’ll find some instructions at the top of the first page. If you’re really bored, you can read the full release notes.

Because Usher is no longer available in the App Store, this update is only available to users of the direct version. Usher App Store users, please crossgrade (it’s free) to the direct version in order to get this update.

One Response to “Usher 1.1.16 released”

  1. Scott H says:

    Thanks for adding the export. I noticed that certain data fields aren’t showing up in the CSV file–Date Created, Date Added, Time, and File Size. I don’t think any of those are custom fields I added. In fact, I think they’re all automatically filled in by Usher. Can the CSV export be fixed to include those fields, as well?

    I hope someday you “un-retire” Usher, or at the very least keep it functioning through new MacOS releases. Thanks again.