Butler 4.3.3 released

Butler 4.3.3 is out now; this is a bug fix release that improves the reliability of the Screen Saver Smart Item, fixes Butler’s applications database in Catalina (so that it finds everything that shows in Applications and Utilities), and fixes a couple other minor things—you can read the full release notes page for the nitty-gritty.

We have more to do for full Catalina compatibility (i.e. iTunes no longer exists there), and we’re working on it, but we felt these fixes were important to get out now.

As always, you can update via either the in-app updater, or by downloading a fresh copy from Butler’s web page.

One Response to “Butler 4.3.3 released”

  1. nev says:

    Butler’s great, and I’m looking forward to the more extensive Catalina updates. I notice however that Butler does seem a tad slow to load stuff from hot corners, etc., under Catalina (slower than it was in Mojave) … ?